How long have you been in business?

Life and Death Productions was unofficially founded in 2007. Our company has been an officially registered business since January 2012.

Where are you based?

Our office is located in Tampere, Finland.

Who have you worked with?

Over the years we have worked with hundreds of recording artists, music producers and companies from several different industries. Here’s some artists and companies we have done business with:

Record labels: Universal Music USA, Universal USA, Sony ESMG. Recording artists: Hopsin, Chino XL, Kutt Calhoun, Dizzy Wright, Jahred of Hed PE, Necro, Children of Distance, South Park Mexican, Marz of Dark Lotus, Big Pooh of Little Brother, 5ft of Black Moon, Godfather Pt 3 of Infamous Mobb, Swizzz, Kung Fu Vampire, Cryptic Wisdom. TV and Films: HBO, TNT, ESPN, Franklin and Bash, MMA Fighting.

How to buy beats from you?

Buying beats from us is very simple. Browse beats on our Beat Store. Choose the license you want to purchase. Go to checkout and pay securely via PayPal (account or credit card). After you have paid, you will be redirected to a page where you can download the audio files instantly. You will also receive a receipt of the purchase and the license agreement to your email.

What does a purchase include?

Each purchase includes the high quality WAV audio file and a license agreement stating how you are allowed to use the beat. In addition, you can get the separated audio tracks of the beat by purchasing the Premium or Unlimited license. You will receive all these files as an electronic download-link after you have paid.

What payment methods do you accept?

We use PayPal to handle all the payments via the beat store. You can use either a PayPal account or a credit card to pay. However, if these payment methods don’t work for you, we also accept bank transfers, Western Union and even BitCoin. Contact us and we can help you with that.

Can I still use the beat(s) if I have leased it but someone buys exclusive owernship after this?

Yes, as long as you stay within the leasing terms, you are allowed to use it even though someone else buys exclusive rights.

I have bought exclusive ownership to a beat. May the beat be leased again or has it been leased before?

Once exclusive rights to a beat has been sold, the beat may not be sold/leased anymore. On the other hand it might be possible that a beat has been leased to several persons before it is sold exclusively. All previously sold licenses to the beats stay valid.

Can I resell the beat after purchasing exclusive ownership?

No! You are not allowed to resell the beat or transfer your rights of ownership to a third person.

Can a sold beat be taken off the page?

On demand, we can remove the sold beat(s) from our site.

Can I use your beats for free?

All beats that are up on the page as free downloads are ONLY free for non-commercial/non- profitable use on demos, internet tracks and charity gigs. Credit must be given to “Life and Death Productions” in any case. All the free downloads contains protective vocal tags. By purchasing a license, those tags will be removed. Read the full Free Beat Policy.

I have used one of your beats, can I send it to you?

Yes, we always love to hear the final results. Contact us today and we’re happy to check it out.

I have bought a license but I haven’t received it yet. What to do?

If you’re having any problems with the payments and receiving the files, Contact us immediately. Our Beat Store handles all the sales automatically but sometimes there might be technical problems.

Do you use samples? Do you clear the samples you use in your beats?

In general we don’t use copyrighted samples or loops. In rare occasions when we do use a sample, we normally do NOT clear the sample. The sample clearance is the responsibility of the customer. If you use a beat that does contain a sample, we will forward you all the necessary information about it so that you may get permission to use it from the original creator.

Can you make a beat just for me?

Absolutely. In fact, we are specialized in custom-made beats. Visit our Custom Beats page to read more.

Can you mix my song?

Yes. We can offer mixing and mastering services for both full songs and beats/instrumentals. We also have several mixing engineer partners that can help us when needed. Contact us today.