We Create Music For You

We have been in the music industry for over a decade. In that time we have had the chance to work with hundreds and even thousands of recording artists, music producers and companies from several different industries. Our highly experienced team creates beats and instrumentals, with a very unique and recognisable touch, for different purposes.

Recording artists can use our music as backing tracks for their own songs. By purchasing usage rights to our music, artists can instantly download high-quality audio files and record their vocals on top of our beats. Artists can then publish the songs, use the songs on commercial projects and even make money with the songs.

Our tracks can also be used as background music for advertising, television, films and games as well. In fact, our music has been featured on major television networks such as HBO, ESPN and TNT. Let’s not forget about YouTube either. YouTube videos that contain our music has collected over 100 million views in total (that’s 100,000,000!).


Our Music Can Be Used By Anyone

We don’t do what we do just to get to the big leagues. We love creating music and helping our clients, no matter who they are. It doesn’t matter if you’re an recording artist just starting out, internationally recognised Youtuber or multinational corporation in need of music for advertisements. We do our best to provide solutions, that benefits all parties, for anyone interested in using our music.


Our clients

Record labels: Universal Music USA, Universal Music Australia, Sony ESMG, Babygrande Records Recording artists: Hopsin, Chino XL, K-Rino, Block McCloud, King Gordy, Kutt Calhoun, Dizzy Wright, Jahred (Hed PE), Necro, Sick Jacken, John E. Necro (OPM), Johnny Richter (Kottonmouth Kingz), Children of Distance, South Park Mexican, Marz (Dark Lotus), Big Pooh (Little Brother), 5ft (Black Moon), Godfather Pt 3 (Infamous Mobb), Swizzz, Kung Fu Vampire, Cryptic Wisdom. TV and Films: HBO, TNT, ESPN, Franklin and Bash, MMA Fighting.