Custom Beats

Are you looking for a specific type of beat but can’t find it anywhere?

Let us create the exact beat you need for your next project. You give us the idea, we make it happen!

Your idea can be as simple as a certain mood or style. Or, perhaps the beat should sound similar to an artist or song. Whatever you need, we can do it. It’s a rare occasion we cannot deliver a beat someone orders. In fact, every 9 out of 10 customers have been more than satisfied with the end result.


Here’s how the process goes:

  1. Fill the form below.
  2. We will respond within 48 hours to discuss with you via email.
  3. We shall start working on your order and send you a demo preview (tagged MP3-file) according to the schedule we set.
  4. If the demo pleases you, we expect to receive 50% of the payment before moving forward.
  5. We continue to work on the beat until you’re satisfied with it and finalize it.
  6. We expect to receive the remaining 50% payment.
  7. After we have received the payment in full, we deliver the beat files for you including untagged WAV, untagged MP3, and tracked out WAV files via email as electronic download links.


Interested? Fill the form below and let’s talk!